Sustainable Industry 4.0 and IoT Community Meetup

Friedrichstraße 10, 70174 Stuttgart
Eintragstyp : Metaverse-Veranstaltung
Metaverse-Bezug : IoT & Robotik
Sustainable Industry 4.0 and IoT Community Meetup

We exchange Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) insights with a new focus on sustainability and how IoT solution can help to reach sustainable development goals.

The community runs regular meet-ups, both physical and virtual, from a range of speakers working in or researching industry and IoT areas related to the community’s pillars:

  • Sustainability, climate change solutions and circular economy
  • Industry IoT and IoT technology enablers
  • Business and investment views
  • Vertical sector and industry deep dives
  • Skills and leadership 4.0

We’re sharing best practices and discuss use cases, ideas and challenges, and we are a community with an open and inclusive ethos.

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